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award Galimusic  - FESt clásico Ribeira sacra 2024

  1. The competition is open to all participants  taking part in the 2024 Academy, which will take place in Os Peares, Ourense, from August 25th to September 1st.  

  2. The Resident Artists and, at the same time, professors of the 2024 Academy, will jointly propose the participants who will be playing in the Academy Closing Concert, which  will take  place on September 1st, 2024 at 12 noon. Students will be selected based on their skills and on the level of preparation of the repertoire worked on.

  3. After the  concert, the Resident Artists will decide  together  the results.

  4. Each participant will propose in the Academy Registration Form, the work/works they would like to perform for the Prize if they are selected to play.

  5. The recipient of the  Premio Galimusic-Fest  Ribeira Sacra will have the  chance  to perform a 50 minutes solo recital at the opening concert of the VI Fest Clásico Ribeira Sacra 2025. The Prize may be exequo or be void. The program for the recital must be agreed with the Artistic Direction of the Festival.

  6. Jury : The Resident Artists of the corresponding edition will act as a jury.

  7. Prizes:

  • Galimusic-Fest Clásico Ribeira Sacra Award:

Prize: 1.000€

Opening recital of the VII Fest Clásico Ribeira Sacra 2025

Professional recording


  • Accésit

Prize: 400 €


  • Audience Award

Prize: 100€


The Awards Ceremony will take place at the end of the Final Concert of the Fest Clásico Ribeira Sacra 2024.

The Jury's decision will be final. The organization reserves the right to solve any unforeseen events that may arise and are not exclusive to the Jury.







Premio Galimusic- Fest Clásico Ribeira Sacra

Alejandro Gómez Pareja (violoncello)

Audience Award

Alejandro Gomez Pareja


Premio Galimusic- Fest Clásico Ribeira Sacra


Eva Arderíus and Mar Gimferrer (violoncellos)  

Audience Award

String quartet formed during the 2021 Academy

Raúl Campos and Gema Gamboa (violins)

Mario Carpintero (viola)

Celia Martos (cello)


Premio Galimusic- Fest Clásico Ribeira Sacra


Ignacio García, violoncello

Gema Pastor, violin

Audience Award

Raúl Campos, violin


Premio Galimusic- Fest Clásico Ribeira Sacra

David Martinez, violin


Ramiro Carbone and Ivan Galindo, violoncellos

Audience Award

David Martinez, violin

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