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Music is far more than merely providing entertainment. I see a musician's purpose as being a guide to peoples most sacred, hidden subconscious; Their own true heart. Through our intention, we can transmute wisdom and healing directly. Understanding music as a profound healing tool, a bridge to higher dimensions and a universal source of life became crucial in my work..."

As a child of just three, growing up in Kiev, Ukraine, Vladyslava Luchenko already knew that she would become a violinist. A natural connection with the instrument allowed her to make remarkable progress both in technical and interpretative skills.

Her early years were those of a prodigy. Supported by several international foundations, and her teachers O.Buludian and Y.Riwniak, she made her debut solo appearance in the Kiev Philharmonic at the age of 11 with European tours and triumphs at international competitions (her first big win at age 10).

From the time that she joined Zakhar Bron’s highly esteemed violin class in Zurich in 2006, Vladyslava began her ascent to her Annus Mirabilis in 2010. In this year she won several prestigious prizes including the Rahn Music Prize, T.Varga and D.Oistrakh compet‐ itions. She was then given the opportunity to perform as a soloist with the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra in the Zurich Tonhalle, Verbier Festival, and other numerous solo and chamber music engagements.

She continued her education in Berlin with S.Picard until entering the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Belgium in 2014, under the supervision of Augustin Dumay. These were fruitful and intense years with hundreds of performances, international tours and festivals as well as her first recordings for Outher Music Label.


Supported by the Borgerhoff Foundation she was able to dedicate herself to crystallising her musical ability and her role of an artist in general.

In 2018, she took up a position as a concertmaster in the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn in Switzerland and started collaboration with Claves Records.

Vladyslava performs a Francesco Gobetti violin of 1710, on loan from a private collection.


Festival y Academia de la Ribeira Sacra 

August 22nd-29th 2021